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Taking Care of Pets on National Pet Day

Written by: Lacie Dotterweich   |   April 11, 2020

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One of Lacie's cats, Mimsy.

As a mid-twenties young adult with no kids yet, it’s no surprise that I consider my two cats as my babies. I dote on them, buy them the newest, flashy laser toys and like you would with a (human) child, worry about what they are eating and if they are getting the right nutrients to meet their needs.

I’m guessing more than a few of you have a pet or two at home with you while you are social distancing and I’m sure you would agree with me in saying that they have been an immense source of comfort during this time (well, that is, when they aren’t ripping up your precious supply of toilet paper). In this time, the rate of pet adoptions has increased significantly. Now more than ever, our pets are taking care of us, giving us comfort and companionship, and it’s only fair that we do the same for them.

Every day, I’m proud to work for an industry that works so hard to make sure our pets are eating balanced, safe, affordable and nutritious food. Pet food manufacturers use a wide-range of over 500 ingredients - from major commodity crops to specialty fruits and vegetables to meat, poultry and seafood to rendered products - to provide complete nutrition for dogs and cats. The making of pet food is a very scientific and specialized process, and a lot of thought and science goes into it.

Despite everything going on right now, it’s been a pretty good year for dogs and cats. They are eating more diverse and sustainable food than ever; they heavily contribute to the U.S. economy by generating $30 billion in revenue and creating demand for the production of 10 million tons of food; and they are getting more time with their humans than ever – a huge win for them!

Today, on National Pet Day, we are not only celebrating our furry friends who give us such comfort, but thanking pet owners as well. We both know how important safe and nutritious food is to our pets. Thank you for entrusting the pet food industry with ensuring your fur baby has safe and nutritious food!.

From one pet mom to another, thank you.

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