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Thank You Animal Nutrition Scientists!

Written by: Guest   |   August 3, 2023

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By: Emma Bower, AFIA communications intern

Every year, the American Feed Industry Association sponsors various nutrition research awards that honor animal scientists that advance the livestock industry, both with their research programs and by mentoring young industry leaders. The 2023 winners are listed below. Thank you all for your passion and dedication!

AFIA/American Dairy Science Association Nutrition Research Award

Lance Baumgard, Ph.D., is a distinguished and Jacobson professor in dairy nutrition at Iowa State University and has been in this position since 2014. Baumgard researches milk fat synthesis, metabolism, transition and heat-stressed cow energetics and immunometabolism. He and his colleagues have recently focused their research efforts on the energetic and mineral requirements of an activated immune system. In particular, Baumgard and his group describe how immune activation alters nutrient trafficking and, ultimately, reduces farm animal productivity.



AFIA/Equine Science Society Nutrition Research Award

Burt Staniar, Ph.D., has been an assistant professor of equine science at Pennsylvania State University for 16 years. His research focuses on gastrointestinal health of the equine athlete. Staniar assesses aspects of the luminal environment, assessing gut permeability, and investigating inflammation associated with particular diets, and is particularly interested in potential parallels between human and equine athletes and the potential for research to benefit both.




AFIA/American Society of Animal Science Award in Nonruminant Nutrition Research

Joel DeRouchey, Ph.D., is a professor specializing in swine nutrition and management and a state extension leader at Kansas State University. His leadership is central to the workings of a progressive swine nutrition research team that has made KSU a leader in applied swine nutrition research. As a result, he has co-authored 287 refereed journal articles, 540 abstracts, 792 extension publications and 12 book chapters. He has maintained a long running record of sustained funding from allied industries and the National Pork Board generating over $21 million in grants and gifts. DeRouchey is dedicated to training the next generation of swine nutritionists and has served as chair or committee member of 100 masters or doctorate students. His contributions to the field of applied swine nutrition research have saved pork producers millions of dollars over his career.

AFIA/American Society of Animal Science Award in Ruminant Nutrition Research

Todd Callaway, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in animal and dairy science at the University of Georgia. Callaway is a ruminal and gastrointestinal microbiologist and has studied the microbial ecology of food safety extensively. He has authored or co-authored more than 250 peer-reviewed journal articles, 40 book chapters, 50 conference proceedings, 25 magazine and technical publications, more than 200 abstracts and edited two books along with more than 200 scientific presentations around the world. He has researched how ruminal bacteria become resistant to the ionophore monensin, which has been critical to understanding how the microbial ecosystem within the gastrointestinal tract of cattle can be changed. His research has also elucidated methods to reduce E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella shedding in cattle. His research pioneered new techniques to determine how diet impacts the microbial population of the gut and in turn end products that affect the nutritional status of the ruminant animal.

AFIA/Poultry Science Association Poultry Nutrition Award

Martin Zuidhof, Ph.D., is a faculty professor of agricultural, life and environmental science at the University of Alberta. Zuidhof’s research focuses primarily on precision feeing of broiler breeders. His team developed and patented a precision feeding system for poultry that is designed to feed the right bird the right amount of the right feed at the right time, leading to novel insights into metabolism, physiology and behavior. Zuidhof has published 97 peer reviewed scientific papers and has co-founded a company in support of his goal to revolutionize the way the world feeds and studies broiler breeders. His team plays an important role in finding new ways to conserve unique benchmark genetic resources.



Frank Dunshea, Ph.D., is a professor of animal growth development at the University of Leeds. His research focuses on sustainable food systems and ensuring that livestock industries operate in a responsible and sustainable manner. He has published over 950 journal, conference, book or technical articles in the agricultural, biomedical and food sciences, and trained over 40 students.

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