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1. Continued Value of Safe Feed/ Safe Food Program Continues to Show Value

The American Feed Industry Association continues to focus on the promotion of safe practices in the production and handling of livestock feed and pet food. The Safe Feed/Safe Food (SF/SF) certification program is aimed at ensuring the safety of animal food products. The program emphasizes best practices, regulations and standards to minimize the risk of contamination and ensures the safety and quality of animal feed. CPC Commodities’ Ivan Pedigo, Megan Jones and Michelle Estes recently shared their experiences on the continued value that the SF/SF certification has for their company.  

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By AFIA Editor
2. Preparing for the Next Animal Disease Outbreak – Feed Mill Hygiene and Decontamination

Since the outbreak of the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) in 2013, the feed and livestock industries have worked to gain a better understanding of pathogen transmission through feed and the supply chain. Multiple studies have documented the distribution of viral pathogens in mills after contamination, the stability of viruses in feed and ingredient matrices, and virus reduction using chemical mitigants or extended holding times.

Tags: pathogen control, ag & food research, Biosecurity, feed & food safety, African swine fever, formaldehyde
By Guest
3. Feed 101: We Never Stop Learning

This week, the American Feed Industry Association had another successful Feed 101 learning session at the U.S. Department of Agriculture with the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) staff.   

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By Mallory Gaines
4. Feed and Feed Ingredients Are Not the "Big Stool Leg" Spreading Viruses to Pig Farms!

Who has not experienced an upset digestive system after eating or drinking something questionable? We all recognize that if food or water becomes contaminated with a pathogen, we can get sick after consuming it. It is the same for livestock. If the feed we deliver to the pig barn is contaminated with a virus, pigs could get sick after eating it.

Tags: African swine fever response, ag & food research, biosecurity, feed & food safety
By Guest

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