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1. The 2020 Trade Numbers Are In

We are excited to share new trade data on U.S. animal food industry exports for 2020. Of note, the overall export value for feed, feed ingredients and pet food increased by $874 million, or 7.2%, over 2019 and the total volume of exports of these products increased by 1.1 million metric tons, or 3.5%, during that time. 

Tags: Trade, China, Japan, Ingredients
By Gina Tumbarello
2. What Would the US Animal Food Industry Like to See in a US-Japan Trade Agreement?

This week, President Donald Trump started the process for the United States to enter into a free trade agreement with Japan. With Japan representing the third largest export market for feed, feed ingredients and pet food products behind Canada and Mexico, this could bring about positive changes for the U.S. animal food industry.

Tags: Japan, Trade, Podcast
By Victoria Broehm

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