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1. Pet Food Industry Has Multiplier Effect on Rural Economies

“It’s really exciting to be able to say that the pet food industry really goes all the way back to the farm and then all the way back into those rural communities, supporting those retailers that support the farmer.”

Tags: Pets, IFEEDER, Our role in ag, Podcast
By Victoria Broehm
2. We're All In This Together: Wilkinson Describes Industry's Actions to Combat COVID-19

“It’s a challenging time but I think our industry, the animal food industry, we’re here. We’re ready to help. We’re going to make sure our livestock and poultry and companion animals have the food that they need so you and I can continue to have the food that we need…for our families.”

Tags: Coronavirus, Supporting local communities, Ensuring a stable food supply, Podcast, Worker safety
By Victoria Broehm
3. What Would the US Animal Food Industry Like to See in a US-Japan Trade Agreement?

This week, President Donald Trump started the process for the United States to enter into a free trade agreement with Japan. With Japan representing the third largest export market for feed, feed ingredients and pet food products behind Canada and Mexico, this could bring about positive changes for the U.S. animal food industry.

Tags: Japan, Trade, Podcast
By Victoria Broehm

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