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Written by: AFIA Editor   |   September 9, 2019


Welcome to the American Feed Industry Association’s inaugural blog post! We are excited to formally launch this blog as a means of sharing insights from AFIA staff, members and guests on both policy issues and topics that are being discussed in the news.

Our goal is to add a different perspective to issues impacting the animal food industry, or U.S. agriculture in general, correct misinformation, discuss hot-button issues or the latest trends, share stories about our industry, and have a little fun explaining what feed and pet food production is all about!

In full disclosure, guests submitting posts will be asked to abide by AFIA’s blog policies and terms of use, where their final post will be reviewed by AFIA’s communications department to ensure it abides by AFIA’s antitrust compliance policy and that it does not market products or services.

You can follow along on AFIA’s blog by checking the site often or by signing up to receive a biweekly roundup delivered right to your inbox. You are also encouraged to submit questions or comments that are respectful in tone and language and are aimed at facilitating the dialogue on an issue.

If you have ideas for potential blog topics or questions about the blog, please email the AFIA Editor at afiaeditor@afia.org. We look forward to facilitating fun and engaging conversation!

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