AFIA Members Donate Nearly 100K Hours, $44M in 2017

January 24, 2018

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sustainabilityThe American Feed Industry Association released the results of its annual charitable giving survey today, revealing a sharp increase over 2016 in the animal food industry’s total donations and volunteer hours in support of charities and community organizations. AFIA member company employees donated a collective 92,000 hours of their time to supporting community service projects in 2017—a 124 percent increase from 2016. AFIA member companies, including company-employee matches, also donated over $44 million to an expansive list of community causes.

AFIA members identified a number of charities involved in education, civil service, agriculture, health and collegiate grants/research as key causes they supported. Eighty-nine percent of respondents donated to hunger relief charities, 81 percent to education programs, and 82 percent to university research, grants and graduate schools. In total, AFIA members donated to more than 200 charities in 2017, including the American Heart Association, local agricultural and youth associations, the Boys & Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way and more.

“Our members really came together last year in a big way, giving back to many of the agricultural communities impacted by the hurricanes and other natural disasters as well as supporting agricultural education programs in schools,” said AFIA President and CEO Joel G. Newman. “We are proud to see our members donating their time and resources to building stronger communities.”

AFIA established a Sustainability Task Force in 2009, which identified four key sustainable focal points designed for communication and collaboration between organizations, companies and associations, including one that focuses on supporting the community. The feed industry defines “sustainability” as the ability to provide a continuous, safe and nutritious feed supply for poultry, livestock, fish and pets in a manner that optimizes environmental quality and the use of natural resources, while positively affecting the social and economic well-being of customers, their communities and the industry.

The informal poll, conducted at the close of each year, tallies community service hours and funds donated by participating companies. A higher number of respondents to the 2017 survey contributed to the jump in reported hours and dollars donated. All AFIA member companies are invited to participate, but the statistics are not reflective of all AFIA members. This year’s results only include data from 2017.

To learn more about sustainability in the feed industry, visit AFIA’s website.