AFIA Thanks its Outgoing Committee Members

June 4, 2020

Contact Lacie Dotterweich, Communications Coordinator

The American Feed Industry Association depends heavily on the dedication and involvement of members who volunteer annually to serve on committees. These committees further the success of the association’s mission, objectives and programs and AFIA thanks these volunteer members and the companies they represent for their service.

Most of the committee terms run from May 1-April 30 each year and volunteers serve a term of three years. Each of AFIA’s 14 committees represent the interests of specific disciplines and segments throughout the animal food industry. Together, they support activities and programs critical to AFIA’s legislative and regulatory efforts and various member services.

“We can’t thank our committee members enough for their service to helping advance AFIA’s mission,” said AFIA President and CEO Constance Cullman. “Representing the feed industry with one, unified voice takes a team effort and we appreciate the commitment of time, expertise and resources by all who have served on AFIA committees.”

AFIA thanks the following 2020 outgoing committee members.

Aquaculture Committee

  • Jorge Arias, Alltech, Inc.
  • David Brock, Rangen Inc.
  • Rachid Ganga, Tyson Foods, Inc.
  • Gavin Shaw, Skretting North America

Marketing Committee

  • Kim Litteken, Trouw Nutrition USA, LLC
  • Sheldon Spratt, Land O'Lakes, Inc.

Equine Committee

  • Michael Barrett, ADM Animal Nutrition, Inc.
  • James Jarzombek, Cargill Animal Nutrition

Nutrition Committee

  • Amy Batal, Sanderson Farms, Inc.
  • Larry Mack, Seminole Feed
  • Mike Messman, Cargill Feed & Nutrition
  • Daniel Nelson, Zoetis
  • Wendy Plocher, Genesis Alkali LLC
  • Janet Remus, DuPont Animal Nutrition

Equipment Manufacturers Committee

  • Alan Berndtson, WEM Automation, Inc.
  • Tim Lease, WL Port-Land Systems, Inc.
  • BJ Masters, Hayes & Stolz Industrial Mfg. Co.
  • Jonathan Wheat, 4B Components, Ltd.
  • Mike Schuster, Laidig Systems Inc.

Pet Food Committee

  • Eric Altom, Balchem Animal Nutrition & Health
  • Ken Gilmurray, JBS USA Rendered Products, passed away April 2020
  • Pam Kaufman, Royal Canin USA, Inc.
  • Bob Niehues, ADM Animal Nutrition, Inc. Crosswind Pet Food-ADM Nutrition

Ingredient Approval and Definition Committee

  • Carlos Gonzalez, Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.
  • Emily Helmes, Elanco Animal Health
  • Phil McGuire, Anitox
  • Jim LaMarta, DSM

Production Compliance Committee

  • Andrew Bishop, Kalmbach Feeds, Inc.
  • Edward Eby, QLF, Inc.
  • Jason Hoekstra, EPL Feed LLC
  • Rick Kanaby, Neogen Corporation
  • Mark Warren, International Ingredient Corporation
  • Rob Yarborough, Purina Animal Nutrition LLC

International Trade Committee

  • Susan Wiegert, Phibro Animal Health Corporation
  • Adam Ancelet, Phibro Animal Health Corporation
  • Jim LaMarta, DSM
  • Scott McLellan, Nature's Variety
  • Doug Paulson, Diamond V
  • Jeff Pendleton, Hallway Feeds

Purchasing & Ingredient Suppliers Committee

  • Ladd Hanacek, Sumitomo Chemical America, Inc.
  • Evan Ibach, Scoular
  • Will Rock, Bill Barr & Company, Inc.

Liquid Feed Committee

  • Christine Davis, Buffalo Molasses LLC
  • Rob Hudson, Nutrien

Quality and Animal Food Safety Committee

  • Gina Holladay, Kent Nutrition Group, Inc.
  • Andrew Yersin, Kemin Industries Inc. Animal Nutrition and Health North America

Sustainability Oversight Committee

  • Elizabeth Barber, The F. L. Emmert Company
  • Elena Lindemann, Land O'Lakes, Inc.
  • Dan Meagher, Novus International, Inc.