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1. Regulations, Regulations, Regulations!

When I was a feed mill manager, one of my least favorite things to do was keeping up with all of the changing regulations that our facility had to comply with to manufacture feed. A necessary evil, regulations help us to make safe animal food, keep our workers safe, protect our environment and keep the public safe, but they certainly make life difficult for manufacturers at times.

Tags: Feed Education Program, IPPE, Federal agencies
By Gary Huddleston
2. Kudos to KNG's Mason Plant

At today's Feed Education Program, the American Feed Industry Association, in partnership with Feedstuffs, named Kent Nutrition Group’s (KNG) Mason, Mich., plant as its 2021 Commercial Dry Feed Facility of the Year. 

Tags: Feed Facility of the Year, Feed safety
By AFIA Editor
3. PerforMix Nutrition Systems Wins Top Liquid Feed Industry Award

Last week, I had the honor of presenting PerforMix Nutrition Systems’ Rupert, Idaho, feed manufacturing facility with the American Feed Industry Association’s 2021 Liquid Feed Facility of the Year (FFY) award. In coordination with Feedstuffs’ Sarah Muirhead, we presented the award to the facility’s plant manager, Ty Cahoon, before industry colleagues at the AFIA Liquid Feed Symposium.

Tags: Feed Facility of the Year, Liquid Feed Symposium
By Gary Huddleston
4. We Can Help with Your Facility Energy Use

Have you ever walked through your plant on a weekend when no one was there and no production was happening? What did you see and hear? If you were lucky, you will be like the monkey and “see no evil, hear no evil.” But more than likely, you probably heard the low hiss of air leaks and saw evidence of steam leaks and steam trap malfunctions. Have you ever stopped to think about how much this “evil” could be costing your plant in wasted energy?

Tags: Member value, Environmental footprint
By Gary Huddleston
5. If I Were A Betting Man – News from OSHA & EPA

It’s been an interesting first few months with the Biden administration. When President Joe Biden came into office in January, the major issue he faced was our country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of his priorities were temporarily put on the back burner to allow the administration to focus most of its efforts on the pandemic, which has been ruling the lives of most Americans.

Tags: Worker safety, Federal agencies, Policy priority series
By Gary Huddleston
6. Liquid Feed Facility of the Year Offers Continuous Improvement

The American Feed Industry Association wants to recognize the businesses that go above and beyond to make sure they are producing the best quality feed, while also maintaining the best operations. In conjunction with Feedstuffs, the AFIA has been running the Feed Facility of the Year program for many years to recognize excellence in manufacturing in the industry and help plant managers improve their operations.

Tags: FFY
By Guest
7. My Personal FMT Journey

I started my career in 1984 after graduating college by going to work for Southern States Cooperative. Following a short stint in the retail division and as a store manager, I made the move to the feed division as a plant superintendent in a Southern States feed mill. Part of my “feed education” included attending the Kansas State University two-week short course on feed manufacturing in 1988. That’s when I was formally introduced to the larger feed industry. 

Tags: Online learning
By Gary Huddleston
8. TECHTalks Cover Future of International Standards, COVID-19 Impacts

The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) Marketplace Week may be over, but the learning opportunities are far from done! IPPE’s TECHTalks, which are short educational presentations that discuss what the latest and greatest is out of the poultry, egg, meat and feed industries, are still available to watch on the IPPE Marketplace until Sunday, Feb. 28.

Tags: IPPE, Worker safety, Coronavirus, Standards
By Lacie Dotterweich
9. Big Changes Could Be Coming for Feed Industry Regulations

“Buckle up, it may be a wild ride,” said Gary Huddleston, the American Feed Industry Association’s director of feed manufacturing and regulatory affairs, at the 2021 Feed Education Program.

Tags: Worker safety, Feed safety, Federal agencies
By Lacie Dotterweich
10. Now Is a Good Time to Think About Inspections

While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has brought a screeching halt to most of the Food and Drug Administration’s routine inspection activity, now is a good time to think about and prepare for your next inspection when they resume. The FDA has not yet ramped up to its normal level of Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) inspections, but has set an aggressive plan for fiscal year 2021.

Tags: Federal agencies
By Gary Huddleston

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