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1. US Ag & Feed Can Be a Shining Global Star

On Nov. 17 and 18, I attended my 13th U.S. Agricultural Export Development Council’s (USAEDC) annual fall meeting. As I write this blog, I am both wondering how this is even possible, as I am clearly not old enough to have attended this many meetings, and thinking about how much has changed in agricultural trade over this time. I mean, this year was the second year in a row that I have attended this meeting virtually- BECAUSE OF A PANDEMIC- words I never thought I would ever say in my lifetime!

Tags: Trade
By Gina Tumbarello
2. We Thrive on Overcoming Trade Barriers & Creating Market Access

There is a host of internationally focused work the American Feed Industry Association does on behalf of the U.S. animal food industry, but do you know what really drives us? We thrive on overcoming barriers and finding solutions to market access constraints. Sharing your story with anyone who will (and sometimes won’t) hear is what we do!

Tags: Trade, China, Federal agencies, Policy priority series
By Gina Tumbarello
3. AFIA Now Has Boots on the Ground In Vietnam

The American Feed Industry Association has expanded efforts into Vietnam - this has been many years in the making! Through the support of the Foreign Agricultural Service’s Market Access Program funds, we are now implementing market access and development programs for the U.S. animal food industry in the country. Our work in Vietnam focuses on improving the competitiveness of U.S. animal food products by educating and demonstrating the variety, efficacy, quality, viability, safety and sustainability of U.S. feed products. 

Tags: Vietnam, Trade
By Gina Tumbarello
4. Chinese Demand for Meat and Milk = New Export Opportunities

From the moment I started at the American Feed Industry Association, I have been consumed with all things China--the restrictions, barriers, questions, unknowns, complexities and just plain confusion of trying to get U.S. animal food products into that market.  

Tags: Trade, African swine fever, Beef, Dairy, China
By Gina Tumbarello
5. The 2020 Trade Numbers Are In

We are excited to share new trade data on U.S. animal food industry exports for 2020. Of note, the overall export value for feed, feed ingredients and pet food increased by $874 million, or 7.2%, over 2019 and the total volume of exports of these products increased by 1.1 million metric tons, or 3.5%, during that time. 

Tags: Trade, China, Japan, Ingredients
By Gina Tumbarello
6. "What's the (Trade) Deal With Africa?" Series

The United States is no stranger to Africa, having had a number of interests in the policies shaping the diverse continent over the years. Our interests have ranged from political – gleaning ways to prevent conflict and reduce political instability that can threaten U.S. national security – to humanitarian – combating the root causes of hunger and poverty, which also stands to benefit U.S. security and prosperity. 

Tags: Trade, Africa
By Gina Tumbarello
7. One Paw Ahead of the Curve

On Tuesday, more than 200 professionals across the pet food industry gathered virtually for the American Feed Industry Association’s 14th annual Pet Food Conference. Given that over the past year we have all faced challenges navigating the unrelenting coronavirus pandemic, it was uplifting to hear from several experts who said the pet food industry remains a bright spot for U.S. businesses and pet owners. 

Tags: Pets, IPPE, Federal agencies
By Victoria Broehm
8. SPS, Our Favorite Acronym!

Hang around the American Feed Industry Association international trade team long enough and you will hear “SPS issues,” “SPS barriers to trade” and “more commitment to SPS in trade negotiations” pretty frequently. Gina Tumbarello and I love throwing around the acronym “SPS!” Many of you may ask, “what does SPS mean and how can SPS issues or barriers affect AFIA members?” I look forward to a challenge, so here we go on a blog journey about SPS measures and why they matter to the feed industry.

Tags: Trade, Standards
By Mallory Gaines
9. From the Kitchen of AFIA: National Grilling Month

Is there any better cooking device than the grill? I don’t think I could be convinced otherwise. You can cook anything on the grill! Burgers, chicken, vegetables, fruit, beans – even pizza. As a grilled-meat lover, I can’t wait until the weather warms up enough to fire up the grill. So, when I learned that July is National Grilling Month, I thought we had better take the opportunity to commemorate the occasion and thank all of the feed manufacturers, farmers and ranchers who make summer dinners on the grill possible.

Tags: Holidays, Our role in ag
By Lacie Dotterweich
10. USMCA: A New Era for Trade in North America

During a time full of uncertainty about the future – uncertainty about our health, safety, jobs, economy, the education of our children – thankfully there is one thing that is certain for our industry. The trading relationship between the U.S., Canada and Mexico can resume and will be stronger and better than ever.

Tags: Trade, USMCA
By Gina Tumbarello

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