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1. AFIA's Liquid Feed Symposium 2023 Offered Something for Everyone

As part of my responsibilities at the American Feed Industry Association, I had the pleasure of spending most of last week at the AFIA Liquid Feed Symposium (LFS) in Louisville. This event is planned, moderated and hosted by AFIA’s Liquid Feed Committee, which is a perennial favorite of mine, and with good reason I suppose.

Tags: events, Liquid Feed Symposium
By Paul Davis
2. Individuals Standing Out for Betterment of Liquid Feed Industry

We were proud to recognize some outstanding individuals and members this week at the American Feed Industry Association’s Liquid Feed Symposium.

Tags: Feed Facility of the Year, liquid feed
By AFIA Editor
3. There's Nothing "Mid" About Wheat Midds

Science is always evolving, and the science of equine nutrition is no exception. Thanks to research and developments in equine nutrition, we know that many byproducts contain nutrient levels or attributes that make them better feed ingredients for horses than the initial grain or primary end-product of the processing. The list of byproducts that provide advantages in horse diets is long – and some you may even be surprised to see on the list – but an important one is wheat middlings (or midds).

Tags: Ingredients, Equine
By Lacie Dotterweich
4. AFIA Board Pounds the Pavement for Animal Food Issues

The American Feed Industry Association’s (AFIA) Board of Directors wrapped up its annual spring meeting in Arlington, Va., late last week, where they heard from federal officials, advocated for key policy priorities impacting the animal food industry on Capitol Hill and conducted other official business, including installing new Board leadership and directors.

Tags: Advocacy
By Guest
5. Partners in Progress

Last week, I, along with several members of the American Feed Industry Association staff, participated in the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s Stakeholders Summit, where we walked away with a lot to chew on, from what is driving people to click on news articles about the animal agriculture industry to who is shaping the coverage and why. Here are some of my takeaways.

Tags: Environmental footprint
By Victoria Broehm
6. No, There Isn't a Conspiracy Around Chicken Feed and Reduced Egg Production

This past week, there have been an uptick in social media videos and news stories perpetuating false claims about commercial chicken feed and its impact on the availability and price of eggs. To better understand how diet relates to a hen’s egg output, I spoke with our resident animal nutritionist, Paul Davis, Ph.D. Davis has a doctorate in animal nutrition and the added benefit of being able to tap into fellow nutrition experts’ knowledge on the American Feed Industry Association Nutrition Committee. Below is a summary of this conversation, responding to some of these claims.

Tags: Eggs, Feed safety
By Victoria Broehm
7. Animal Food Safety Requires Knowledgeable Coaching

College football fans know that a successful team requires a knowledgeable head coach. But how many assistant coaches do you think most college football teams have? And how does this compare to animal food safety?

Tags: Feed safety, Education
By Gary Huddleston
8. POV: Liquid Feed Symposium from a First-timer

I always heard the members who attend Liquid Feed Symposium (LFS) are a great group of people – heck, I even remember Leanna Nail telling me about them during my orientation five years ago – and the collegiality and fun at this year’s conference was palpable. 

Tags: Liquid feed, Liquid Feed Symposium
By Victoria Broehm
9. Has COVID-19 Improved Feed Industry Biosecurity Programs?

Biosecurity is often defined as procedures intended to protect humans or animals against disease or harmful biological agents. For the animal food industry, biosecurity manifests as putting in place plans or programs intended to prevent feed, people and vehicles from introducing and/or spreading pathogens to livestock and poultry.

Tags: Feed safety, African swine fever
By Paul Davis, Ph.D.
10. Good Animal Nutrition = Good for Animals, Good for the Planet

Every year, the agricultural community comes together on National Ag Day to celebrate those who work tirelessly to keep our food supply stable and Americans fed. As a sponsor of this event, the American Feed Industry Association works to educate consumers about how the feed industry is working with farmers and ranchers to improve nutrition for their herds and flocks and reduce animal agriculture’s environmental footprint.

Tags: Environmental footprint, Holidays, Our role in ag
By Victoria Broehm

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