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1. Critical Food Topics Discussed at Forum Leave AFIA Staff Thinking

This past week, several American Feed Industry Association staff participated in the Universal Food Forum, hosted by Michigan State University and CropLife America in Washington, D.C. There, different expert panels discussed a variety of topics impacting global food security, from building resilient food systems to climate change and global regulations and trade. Below are some highlights.

Tags: Environmental footprint, Trade
By Victoria Broehm
2. FDA CVM: Working With Stakeholders to Troubleshoot, Look to the Future

Last week, the American Feed Industry Association’s Board of Directors participated in a “fireside chat” with senior Food and Drug Administration officials about challenges facing the regulatory agency and steps it’s taking to work with stakeholders to solve problems and prepare for future innovation.

Tags: Federal agencies, Ingredients
By Victoria Broehm
3. Meet Our Summer Communications Intern

Last week, Emma Bower, a rising senior at The Ohio State University, joined the American Feed Industry Association’s communications team as our summer intern. She comes from a farm background, is pursuing a degree in agricultural communications with a minor in farm management, and bonus for us – she is a budding photographer with a keen eye for design. Get to know a little bit more about her below.

By Victoria Broehm
4. Partners in Progress

Last week, I, along with several members of the American Feed Industry Association staff, participated in the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s Stakeholders Summit, where we walked away with a lot to chew on, from what is driving people to click on news articles about the animal agriculture industry to who is shaping the coverage and why. Here are some of my takeaways.

Tags: Environmental footprint
By Victoria Broehm
5. Highlights From PISC: ASF, Supply Chain, Ag Detractors

If it were to enter the United States, “African swine fever (ASF) would be the most significant animal disease issue the United States has ever seen,” said Cassie Jones, Ph.D., undergraduate research coordinator in Kansas State University’s Department of Animal Sciences and Industry. This is because once the disease is found in feral pigs or ticks, it would be nearly impossible to eradicate, so the focus now, particularly for swine producers and feed manufacturers, should be on prevention. 

Tags: PISC, African swine fever, Ensuring a stable food supply
By Guest
6. No, There Isn't a Conspiracy Around Chicken Feed and Reduced Egg Production

This past week, there have been an uptick in social media videos and news stories perpetuating false claims about commercial chicken feed and its impact on the availability and price of eggs. To better understand how diet relates to a hen’s egg output, I spoke with our resident animal nutritionist, Paul Davis, Ph.D. Davis has a doctorate in animal nutrition and the added benefit of being able to tap into fellow nutrition experts’ knowledge on the American Feed Industry Association Nutrition Committee. Below is a summary of this conversation, responding to some of these claims.

Tags: Eggs, Feed safety
By Victoria Broehm
7. Getting to Know Our Spring Intern

Last week, recent college graduate Marisa Crowhurst joined the American Feed Industry Association’s communications team as our spring intern. When I interviewed her for this role, she stood out to me as a go-getter, having worked her way through college as a dog (and cat!) groomer to earn her bachelor’s degree in agricultural education and communication, with a specialization in communication and leadership development. She has experience in multimedia content development and is already bringing fresh ideas to our communications projects. Learn more about her in the Q&A below and meet her in person at the upcoming AFIA Purchasing and Ingredient Suppliers Conference.

By Victoria Broehm
8. Placing Feed Innovation in the Hands of Producers

Wow, we’re already in week two of the new year, and I am still getting used to writing “2023.” Before we completely wrap up 2022, I wanted to briefly share an interesting development that happened just prior to everyone putting up their out of office messages for the holidays. In late December, the American Feed Industry Association submitted comments to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), asking the agency to expand the expertise and use of the feed management standard in current government conservation programs.

Tags: Environmental footprint, Federal agencies
By Victoria Broehm
9. Get to Know AAFCO's Austin Therrell

I recently had the opportunity to speak with the new executive director of the Assocation of American Feed Control Officials, Austin Therrell, on his plans for the industry.

Tags: Federal agencies
By Victoria Broehm
10. Horses 'Chomp at the Bit' to Eat Leftover Food Ingredients

Earlier this fall, on a whim, I signed my daughter and I up for riding lessons, something neither of us have done before. My lovely colleague equestrians regularly tout its benefits for young girls, and I thought it could be a great opportunity to spend more quality time with her, while learning more about horse care and feeding, something that could help me in my job (win-win!). Given this newfound interest, I recently joined the association’s equine committee to learn about why byproducts are used in equine feed.

Tags: Equine
By Victoria Broehm

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