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1. Cullman Speaks Out on Ingredient Reviews

This week, the American Feed Industry Association’s President and CEO Constance Cullman penned an op-ed in The Hill on the Food and Drug Administration’s “archaic” policy for reviewing environmentally beneficial animal feed and feed ingredients, which has put U.S. farmers at a competitive disadvantage globally. She said it is time for the agency to develop a solution that allows these products to come to market quickly so that farmers can use them now.

Tags: Ingredients, Federal agencies
By Victoria Broehm
2. It's AAFCO Time!

Twice a year, those interested in the animal food regulatory space make the trek to attend the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) meetings. Sometimes those treks require patience while traveling through blizzards in the winter. Sometimes, it requires fortitude to handle being in business clothes instead of in shorts watching a baseball game during the summer. For both meetings, it requires preparation from all parties to make sure the AAFCO business gets due consideration and discussion. Your American Feed Industry Association staff are there on your behalf and are busy preparing for the upcoming AAFCO annual meeting, happening Aug. 3-6 in St. Louis, Mo.

Tags: Federal agencies, Ingredients, Pets
By Leah Wilkinson
3. Speed Dating Government Style - the USAEDC Attaché Seminar

Remember speed dating? Those magical minutes when you sat across from a stranger and tried to ascertain if there was a spark of emotion or maybe if it was love at first sight? Well, that is exactly what the U.S. Agriculture Export Development Council (USAEDC) Annual Attaché Seminar feels like! Just kidding, but the seminar is often compared to speed dating.

Tags: Trade, Federal agencies
By Mallory Gaines
4. Regulations, Regulations, Regulations!

When I was a feed mill manager, one of my least favorite things to do was keeping up with all of the changing regulations that our facility had to comply with to manufacture feed. A necessary evil, regulations help us to make safe animal food, keep our workers safe, protect our environment and keep the public safe, but they certainly make life difficult for manufacturers at times.

Tags: Feed Education Program, IPPE, Federal agencies
By Gary Huddleston
5. Animal Food Additives Missing from the Colorful Palette of Livestock Production Choices

The use of animal food ingredients to address animal wellness, food safety and production efficiency is bursting forward worldwide with the development of innovative products demonstrating proven efficacy and safety. Across continents and animal management systems, animal food additives are making their mark by fostering improvements for animal care and environmental protection.

Tags: Federal agencies, Policy priority series
By Louise Calderwood
6. We Thrive on Overcoming Trade Barriers & Creating Market Access

There is a host of internationally focused work the American Feed Industry Association does on behalf of the U.S. animal food industry, but do you know what really drives us? We thrive on overcoming barriers and finding solutions to market access constraints. Sharing your story with anyone who will (and sometimes won’t) hear is what we do!

Tags: Trade, China, Federal agencies, Policy priority series
By Gina Tumbarello
7. If I Were A Betting Man – News from OSHA & EPA

It’s been an interesting first few months with the Biden administration. When President Joe Biden came into office in January, the major issue he faced was our country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of his priorities were temporarily put on the back burner to allow the administration to focus most of its efforts on the pandemic, which has been ruling the lives of most Americans.

Tags: Worker safety, Federal agencies, Policy priority series
By Gary Huddleston
8. The State of the States: Changes to Feed Industry Legislation in 2021

What do industrial hemp, pet neutering and packaging materials all have in common?

They are all issues being considered by state legislatures and being tracked by the American Feed Industry Association in our efforts to promote harmonization between state laws and regulations, protect against fees paid by the feed industry and not directly tied to regulation, and encourage a fair business climate for our members. As many state legislatures are wrapping up their sessions, the AFIA is reviewing its wins and losses (and in some cases our draws) for the year.

Tags: Advocacy, Ingredients, Federal agencies, Policy priority series, Hemp
By Louise Calderwood
9. AFIA Members Strive for Excellence, Gov Partners Should Too

Our members strive every day for excellence in researching and developing new ingredients for use in feed and pet food. It is our responsibility to bring products to the market that are safe for the intended species and perform as promised. So why should our expectations from our government when it comes to their job of reviewing the safety and efficacy of those new animal food ingredients be any different?

Tags: Ingredients, Federal agencies, Policy priority series
By Leah Wilkinson
10. FSMA Inspections Shaken Up by COVID-19, What's Next?

Being somewhat of a data and details geek, one of the more enjoyable parts of my responsibilities at the American Feed Industry Association is monitoring and evaluating Food Safety Modernization Act inspections in the animal food industry. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to periodically meet with the Food and Drug Administration staff to discuss the agency’s inspections goals and objectives.

Tags: Federal agencies, Feed safety, Policy priority series
By Paul Davis, Ph.D.

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