August 6 - September 10, 2024   |   Online Class


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Who Participates?

AFIA and K-State have developed educational programs designed to meet the training needs of feed industry employees and professionals. The benefits of e-learning, new methods of delivery and mobile learning technologies have proven beneficial in many industries.

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Why Participate?

The course will provide participants with in-depth understanding of feed manufacturing. Topics include the process flow from particle size reduction to batching and mixing, to conditioning and pelleting, boilers, post-pellet systems, packaging and loadout and maintenance. 

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How to Participate?

AFIA 500: Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing begins August 6, and will last a total of five weeks. This is an online course and participants may work at their own pace and engage in online discussions about the material presented. 

About the Event

AFIA 500 is a structured self-paced, five-week professional development course. The course will outline the basic fundamentals of feed manufacturing including understanding how the U.S. feed industry evolved and its current structure, as well as the different processing steps involved in manufacturing feed. Course Requirements: The lectures for this course are available as narrated PowerPoint presentations that are available for both instant view, or for downloading if a participant has a slower Internet connection. Quizzes, discussion questions and additional course materials are available via the AFIA 500 K-State's Canvas learning system. 

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