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Logo Use

Current AFIA Logo

The American Feed Industry Association’s logo features a bold color scheme of dark red and royal blue. A round, partial map of the earth appears to the left of “AFIA” to signify the global nature of today’s livestock feed and pet food industry. Ten stars are arrayed around the globe to represent the organization’s 10 decades of service.

AFIA’s new tagline, introduced in 2015 – Our Industry. Our Passion. Our Voice. – signifies the comprehensive nature of the organization’s advocacy on behalf of the many sectors that constitute the feed industry today.


Logo Use by Members

AFIA members in good standing are permitted to use the AFIA logo on their websites or materials. However, they cannot use the logo in any way that implies AFIA is endorsing, supporting, recommending or approving their products or services. For more information on acceptable logo use, click here or contact Raamezah Ahmad, AFIA’s senior manager of graphic and web design, at (703) 558-3570.

Examples of Acceptable Use:

  • Blue Bird Feed Company is a proud member of AFIA.
  • Blue Bird Feed Company supports AFIA.

Examples of Unacceptable Use:

  • Blue Bird Feed Company is a membership service provider of AFIA.
  • Blue Bird Feed Company is endorsed by AFIA.
  • AFIA supports the Blue Bird Feed Company.
  • AFIA endorses the Blue Bird Feed Company.
  • AFIA recommends Blue Bird Feed Company’s products/services.
  • Blue Bird Feed Company’s products/services are approved by AFIA.

History of AFIA’s Logo

In the 1940s the American Feed Manufacturers Association (AFMA), AFIA’s predecessor organization, developed a brand to represent the organization, which was updated twice before AFMA changed its name. In 1985, AFMA changed its name to the American Feed Industry Association to be more representative of the total feed industry. In 2009, AFIA celebrated its 100th anniversary and rebranded to represent the organization’s decades of history.

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