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Committed to Feed and Food Safety

Each year, the United States raises over 9.6 billion food-producing animals. These animals ensure that Americans have access to a safe, affordable and abundant supply of meat, milk, egg and seafood products year-round, providing them with the good nutrition they need each day. Just like we need a balanced diet to grow and perform well, so do animals, which is why America’s nearly 6,000 feed mills are committed to churning out more than 284 million tons of safe, high-quality and nutritious feed each year.

In addition, as Americans adopt more and more pets into their homes, the animal food industry knows that providing a complete and balanced diet to our cats and dogs is important. Not only that, we recognize that family members can come into contact with pet food, meaning it must be safe for the whole family to handle.

At the American Feed Industry Association, we are working hard to provide our members with the tools and resources they need to successfully ensure they are manufacturing feed and pet food in a safe way, and also in accordance with all federal laws and regulations. We work diligently to provide feedback to policymakers and regulators on the ways they can streamline or improve current regulations to reduce the burden both on the regulated industry and the agency without compromising animal food safety. The AFIA is also working with state feed control officials to ensure consistency among the states so that any bills or regulations that move forward do not generate unintended consequences in the free flow of goods in interstate commerce.